To the Parents of Edgenuity Students

From: Scott McGuinty, E-20 Instructor at Turner County High School

Your child is currently enrolled in an E-20 course at the high school this school year. E-20 classes are on-line classes that students can take as elective credit and/or required courses such as English, Science, etc. Students can also work on coursework at home. Students work at their own pace while completing assignments on the computer. In order to finish the course by the end of the school year, students should complete approximately 12% of their work each month. A grade of 70 or above is required for passing. Below is a timeline that will show what percentage students need to be on at the end of each month in order to complete the course by the year's end.

August 9%

September 24%

October 36%

November 48%

December 50%

January 62%

February 74 %

March 86 %

April 98%

Mid-May 100%

You can use this guide to track your child's progress. Students must use their time wisely in order to complete these courses and earn credit. It is our goal that all students are able to accomplish this. If you have questions concerning your child's progress in E-20 courses you may contact me between the hours of 1:45 - 3:00 Monday through Friday at 567-4377

Scott McGuinty


Seniors who are taking an E-20 computer course may be eligible to receive credit for the course after completing 80% of the class. Each class will be reviewed on an individual basis; however, a minimum of 80% of the class must be completed and the student must have an average of 70 or greater to be eligible for the review. Principal Mike Simmons and Mr. McGuinty will review each eligible case.