• Principal's Corner

    MEET Mr. Keith Croft

    Interview Questions
    Keith Croft
    1. Give us some background information and take a moment to introduce yourself. 
    "I was born and raised in Moultrie, Georgia and graduated from Colquitt County High School. After college, I began teaching and coaching back at my alma mater (Colquitt). I taught for 17 years, coaching baseball and softball during this time frame. I began my administrative career in 2007 at Cook High School, serving as assistant principal for three years and principal for seven years."
    "I have been married to my beautiful wife Kim for 26 years and we have a son named Kacey, along with two Labrador retrievers (Moose and General).  We are active members in our church and personally I enjoy all sports, watching movies and spending quality with my family."     
    2. How would you describe your leadership style?
    "My leadership style is very simple: 
    a.) Hire the very best people for any vacant positions, b.) Allow them to use their unique skills and talents, and c.) Support them to the best of your ability. 
    Also, I am very big on character, respect, honesty and other professional traits that will lead to better communication and higher success levels." 
    3. What are some ways you have dealt with challenges, and how did you find solutions?
    "I always deal with any challenge(s) in the same manner. First, take time to seriously consider all possible scenarios and outcomes before making a decision. Secondly, pray about the situation and seek wise advice if needed and go with the peace you feel inside.  Lastly, have the confidence you made the right decision and do the best you can in a given situation to find the best solution. And most importantly, learn from the situation and let it guide you through the next challenge." 
    4. How would you describe your classroom management style?
    "My classroom management style involves having a set of rules or guidelines that have been fully explained so as to leave no confusion regarding the expectations.  I believe in developing a working relationship with students so they know I care about them and truly want to help them succeed. Then, beyond this, let’s have fun learning together so that we can enjoy the daily process of deeper learning and higher achievement levels." 
    5. What would be your ideal school environment, and how would you encourage that kind of culture?
    "The ideal school environment would be to develop a very safe and orderly school in which all students feel comfortable and motivated to learn. I think this is easily encouraged by helping students to respect each other and respect their teachers while behaving in a mature manner."