The "Y" Club purpose is:

"To create, maintain and extend, throughout the home, school, and community, high standards of Christian character."

Y-Club is sanctioned club from the State YMCA of Georgia, The club encourages civic engagement and developing a Christian character. The club will travel several times each year to compete in activities such as Youth Training Conference, Youth Assembly, Georgia United Nations Assembly, Christian Life Leadership, and Washington Seminar. Club Dues are $25.00. Senior Y-Club members will receive honor chords of red, white and blue. 

Participation costs range from 15 dollars for Youth Training Conference up to $285 for Georgia United Nations Assembly. The Washington Seminar is limited to 50 Y club students throughout the state and costs $1,000.00. Students will conduct several fund raisers during the year to offset the cost of attendance. State Website is

www.yclub.org.  At the local level, students meet weekly and share testimonies and discuss ways of improving community involvement.